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The Truth - Links & Articles

The below are articles and information links I have found useful in the past 20+ years. Many news stories involving people with links to The Truth/Cooneyites do not reference them. They hide who they are, and their religious beliefs are not reported. ​Suggestions for resources are always welcome.

The Daily Dot - Canadian Article on recent 2x2/Truth CSA awakening

Central Western Daily - Orange NSW, Truth Sect man (ex Worker) and CSA

Also here - article on his conviction

Mamamia - The Truth Sect Australia SBS Insight - Laura Conti - On being from a Sect and its impact on life. On being 'different'. SBS Insight - Christina Rasmussen - On the trauma of leaving The Truth after 43 years and 5 generations. Death Notices - Chris Chandler (ex worker Victoria Australia, guilty of CSA) Man killed in explosion at Mudgee Convention Ground, NSW Feb 2020 article - Elizabeth Coleman + The Truth CSA - Abuse which took place in Dubbo, NSW Australia Blog on Thought Catalog - Raised in 2x2's Submission to the Victorian Inquiry into responses by churches to Child Sex Abuse (CSA) - by WINGS in regard to The Truth: Leaving the sect almost felt like dying - Emma Massey Cult to Christ - Elizabeth Coleman The Truth on Wikipedia The Age - Abuse article by Chris Chandler


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