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Talk Beliefs YouTube - The Truth Sect

This Talk Beliefs youtube interview was one of the first I gave when I started speaking publically about The Truth.

Im part proud, part cringe-face when I listen back to it. Im proud because it was an amazing jumping-off-point to speak publically. Cringe-face because, well, don't you always wish you'd said things differently?! Its a sign of how much I've learnt and grown.

Hear and watch here - my interview on the Talk Beliefs Youtube channel, talking about growing up in The Truth Sect in Australia.

A note that I get alot of backlash on this youtube vid - not sure why its the place where the crazies find me, but it is. Part of me is proud of the backlash, it means I said some things that upset people...probably for the right reasons!


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Hi, thanks for stopping by and learning more about fundamentalist Christianity, coercive religious control and The Truth sect.

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