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Carrying Grief - Christina Rasmussen - SBS Insight

On 29.06.2020 SBS insight released a clip on their program of Christina Rasmussen, speaking about her journey out of The Truth. I wanted to briefly acknowledge Christina's clip, and contribution to the SBS program as well as her bravery in speaking out. Christina speaks candidly about the effects of leaving The Truth, and touches on the reason I speak out - because the grief over what you lose never leaves you. I wanted to mention the burden of carrying grief, and acknowledge that many (if not all) who leave carry grief with them every day - grief at losing trust, faith, family, community or/and friends. Leaving The Truth can be a traumatic, difficult journey. I urge you to watch Christina's clip (below), and sit quietly with the confronting idea that many of us are grieving, and even those whose families have also subsequently left, may be overwhelmed by the grief of the loss of childhood, early adulthood, marriages, friendships and the like.


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