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Books on Cults, Sects & High Control Groups

Below is a list of non-fiction books I've accumulated over the years, stories of people who've left fundamentalist sects.

  • When I spoke in Tongues - Jessica Wilbanks

  • Breaking Free - Rachel Jeffs

  • In The Days of Rain - Rebecca Stott

  • Unorthodox (on Netflix)

  • The Sound of Gravel - Ruth Wariner

  • Educated - Tara Westover

  • Behind the Exclusive Breathren - Michael Bachelard

  • Daughters of Gloriavale - Lilia Tarawa

  • Leaving Isnt The Hardest Thing - Lauren Hough

  • The Last Days - Ali Millar

  • Do As I Say - Sarah Steel

  • Uncultured - Daniella Mestyarek Young

  • Cult to Christ - Elizabeth Coleman


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