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Short & Sweet & Easy to Share

Simple way to access articles, podcasts, pieces I've participated in

With the increase in enquires and requests for information due to Dean Bruer and recent CSA 'situation' in US and Canada, Im consolidating articles, podcasts and pieces I've written for ease of sharing.

Its a one-stop-blog with all the pieces Ive done/contributed to.

(in order of most-recent release)

  • True Crime w. Mamamia Australia -Escaping one of Australia's most secretive cults here

  • Talk Beliefs Youtube Ep2. - Redress Scheme for Survivors here

  • God Forbid, ABC Radio National (also on podcast) here

  • Hughsey, Ed & Erin on Southern Cross Austerio Radio (also on podcast) here

  • The Violence of Leaving Fundamentalism - Mona Magazine here

  • Mama Mia - The Truth Cult in Australia here

  • SBS Insight (Show and Article) here

  • Do As I Say - Sarah Steel book here

  • Shining a Light in Dark Places Podcast - Growing up Fundamentalist here

  • The Grief of Leaving a Home and Community - Galah Magazine here

  • The Truth Sect - Daily Mail here

  • Lets Talk About Sects - Podcast here

  • Talk Beliefs YouTube Ep1. - The Truth Sect here


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