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Dean Bruer - US & Canadian update

Since March 2023 there has been a lot of unrest in US and Canada after the Dean Bruer 'situation'

came to light.

*** Warning that this blog contains the names of offenders - convicted and alleged***

This blog is to acknowledge the questions, allegations and unrest currently occurring in US and Canada, and direct interested people to resources.

I am Australian, the bulk of my network is Australian. As such the best place to access information about the following people, is via US and Canadian Truth/2x2 contacts. Suggested locations for information are at the bottom.

Names of CSA, SA alledged perpetrators released as at 30 August 2023 (US and Canada):

(This information can be accessed via Kari Hanks FB page for most recent updates) This is a list of names categories from that facebook document.

Mark Huddle (Worker)

Dave Pointer (Elder)

Walter Burkinshaw, (Worker)

Ray Zwiefelhofer (Member)

Richard Shober ( ex Worker, now Member)

John VanDenBerg (Worker)

Brayden Dutton (Worker)

John Mastin (Worker)

Hodgie Holgerson (Member)

Robert Flippo (Worker)

Russ Hall (ex Worker, now Member)

Leanne McChesney (ex Worker, now Member)

Douglas Ogden (Worker)

Robert Corfield (Worker)

Ron Hanson (Ex Worker, now Member)

Eldon Tenniswood (Head Worker, died 2003)

Dorothy MacDonald (Worker)

Eric Nelson (Elder)

Tyler Readman (Member)

Ken Pinney (Worker)

Gary Hunt (Member)

Rick Simpson (Member)

Brad Holman (Worker)

Dan HIlton (deceased Worker)

Gilbert Smith (ex Worker, Elder)

Ira Hobbs (ex Worker, Ex overseer Texas)

Harold Bennett (Ex Worker, ex overseer Montana Oregon and Idaho)

Joseph Scrhoen (Ex Worker)

Lance Jesse (Member)

Don Reynolds (Worker)

Harold Brown (Member)

Rodney Rodrigo Loera (Ex Worker)

Jim Stipp (Ex Worker)

Dellas Linaman (Ex Worker)

Loren Spellman (Worker)

John Badesrtscher (ex Worker)

Horace Burgess (deceased, Ex Worker)

Jay Wilson (Ex Worker)

Rosh R (Member)

Irene Flett (Worker)

Carl Simmons (Ex Worker)

David Jayaraj (Worker)

Alan Hand (Member)

Robert Sutton (Member)

Alan Flint (Member)

Adolph 'Abe' Elde (deceased Member)


Kingsley Stone (Worker - asked to leave a convention for making people uncomfortable, no formal allegations)

The folllowing convicted CSA and SA perpetrators were found to be attending meetings and Truth/2x2 events & due to pressure on Workers and Elders, were recently asked not to attend:

1. Not attending:

Howard Ferguson (member)

Price Turner III (member)

Randy Schill (Member)

John Hahn (Member)

Troy Thompson (Member)

Enos Bontrager (Member)

Gary Hunt ( ex Worker)

David Wesley Carter (Member)

2. Still attending

Jackie Shinogle (Member)

Phil Robinson (Wed Night Elder)

3. Not attending as in Prison:

Lukis Nighswonger (Member)


4. Unclear

Ed Alexander- Howard

Ray Zweifelhofer (Member)

Facebook support group: Be aware this group is vetted and you need to carefully consider if this group is suitable for you. If you have allegations (or a conviction) for CSA and SA, this group is not suitable for you. If you are a current professing person, with no intention to leave or to grow/learn about issues within the group - this facebook group is not for you. Link here

Kari Hanks has an online list/timeline of CSA and SA allegations in US and Canada. See her Facebook page fo this publically available list. link here

Telling The Truth website has a range of letters and correspondence from Workers about recent CSA and SA issues. Link here

Advocates for The Truth: If you have experienced CSA, SA, coercive behaviour inside The Truth or/and by Elders, Workers 2x2/Truth members, this website may have resources to support you. It is best for survivors in US and Canada although can be useful worldwide. Link here


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