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Calling for Short Story Submissions - Women of The Truth

I'm excited to share that I have been awarded a small grant by Create NSW (administered by Orana Arts) to compile a short compilation of stories from women who've left The Truth.


A proposed zine (a small, flyer style-printed publication) was pitched to Arts NSW, telling short theme-based stories related to women’s lives inside The Truth/leaving The Truth – to raise awareness about our lives and community.

A small grant was awarded, of $1,000. These funds will be used for publication services and printing and possibly photos if the budget allows.

All work is pro-bono (including my own).


· Faith

· Family

· Community

· Grief

· Humour

· Appearance


200-250 words by women, on a theme of their choice from the above, in the context of their lives inside The Truth. Can also encompass the process of leaving, and rebuilding.

Prefer: Women with a connection to NSW (due to grant being administered from NSW), but not essential.

Submission Due date: Monday 5th April

Publication/completion of the zine has been committed to be end of May 2021 – so around a month is needed for copy, printing and photography.


· Privacy and defamation. Be aware of the rights of others to privacy, and consideration for defamation if the story contains allegations against others. Some ways around this is to always be honest and truthful, and to write anonymously.

· You can submit under an alias or using initials. You can also submit using a shorted version of your name – for instance L Conti in my case.

· Please be kind to yourself and pick a theme to work with which isn’t too triggering or upsetting for you. Writing about difficult situations can be upsetting, and Im conscious that many women leaving The Truth have experienced trauma and PTSD.

· Photos would be great, but can be discussed/negotiated. I think some photographs to demonstrate we are normal, average women that you see on the street can be helpful in breaking down barriers and encouraging dialogue about women inside The Truth/leaving The Truth. A photo of you to accompany your submission would be appreciated.

Happpy to chat further if you'd like more info, at lauramcconnell.au@gmail.com

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